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On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Opec Plastics (September 11, 2009 - September 11, 2019) and the launch of a new Group identity - STAVIAN GROUP, from February 11, 2019 - August 31, 2019, Opec Plastic Joint Stock Company has implemented a special promotion: "Dedicated service - Reaching World Standard" with a total award of more than 5 billion VND for customers nationwide.

On September 11, 2019, the lucky draw ceremony for the "Dedicated service - Reaching World Standard" Program was held in the presence of the Board of Directors and representatives of customers at Sheraton Hotel. Hanoi.

The lucky draw ceremony has brought comfortable and relaxing moments with special art performances and thrilling moments expecting lottery results to find lucky customers.

This event is a deepest gratitude that Opec Plastics would like to bring to the customers who have been supporting and cooperating with Opec Plastics for 10 years as well as Opec also expressed its desire to continue to accompany with customers in the coming years. In addition, this is where all customers exchange and cooperate among enterprises in the plastic industry with the aim of improving the cohesion and cohesion among the business in the industry, bringing the Vietnam plastic industry to International market.

At the end of the event,Opec Plastic Joint Stock Company found the owner of 122 Program awards, bringing great joy and excitement to customers.

Some images of the Event:

1. Overview of the event at Sheraton Hanoi Hotel:

With the theme of the program "Dedicated service - Reaching World Standard" Opec Plastics would like to bring customers to the experience of 5-star service corresponding to the 1st class on flights reaching out to the world.

2. Mr. Nguyen Minh Tu - General Director gave the opening speech

3. Representative of customers gave a speech about his thoughts, attachment the reason for choosing Opec Plastics as a reliable partner. After that, the representative of Board of Directors of Stavian Group and the representative of the customers touched the Led Ball together in order to launch of new brand STAVIAN GROUP with the hope that the Vietnam Plastic Industry will rise and reach out to the World.