Business 28/10/2016 4,020

The signing of many free trade agreements (FTAs) and participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) brings many opportunities and challenges for domestic enterprises.

In order to compete effectively with transnational companies which have strong financial potential, domestic enterprises must strengthen cooperation, joint venture, cooperation, promote internal resources when participate in international business. At the same time, domestic enterprises need to implement the Government's policy on developing Vietnamese enterprises at a higher level in the global value chain.

Facing the trend of strong integration, 76 One-member Co., Ltd. has strived to implement many solutions to become a reputable, efficient, and effective export enterprise as well as reach regional level of governance in scale and potential.

Choosing a strategic partner to supply prestigious main materials, strong brands and regional is an extremely important solution for the Company to maximize profits and prevent supply risks. and the volatile price of world markets.

Due to the urgent requirement on October 26, 2016 in Hanoi, One Member Limited Liability Company 76- Ministry of Defense and OPEC Plastic Joint Stock Company officially signed a business cooperation agreement. Attending the signing ceremony were Colonel Nguyen Van Cuong - Deputy Chief of Staff of the General Department of Defense Industry.

Based on each own strengths, the two sides committed to use each other's services: the 76 One Member Limited Company committed to give priority to using plastic beads, Logistic services of OPEC Plastic Joint Stock Company and OPEC Plastic Joint Stock Company commits to prioritize the use of packaging and printing products of 76 Company Limited. The two sides also committed to share each other's brands, in promoting trade, supporting to enhance competitiveness, business cooperation to develop together.

The cooperation agreement is an important basis for the long-term sustainable cooperation between 76 One Member Limited Company and OPEC Plastic Joint Stock Company, in accordance with the development trend and integration in the new period, contributing to successfully implementing the Party's Resolution on proactive international economic integration, promoting business and production to ensure social security.